Crank query old vs new kinda thing

The KH06 cranks have a slight angle on them bringing them further out of the uni frame (which I like) how do these compare with others, KH07 and Koxx for example?
Do these sit closer to the frame or do they have a taper like the 06 cranks?
One last question howcome the older crank and hub set as fitted to the KH06 is dearer to buy than the new moment hub?

This angle is known as the Q-factor, the KH 07s have zero Q factor, meaning that they are perpendicualr to the axis. The KH/Onza crank system is more complex and therefore costly to make than the KH Moment system, the cranks are made from 3 tubes welded together instead of a single bar and the hub has an aluminium shell pressed on to the axle rather than the simpler one piece 07 construction. Does make you wonder how they’re ever going to shift back stock of the 06 setup but we should just be thankful that equipment is getting cheaper.

Wrong. The '07s have 10mm flare (q-factor), and the KH/Onza’s have 12.5mm flare.

Wrong. The '07s have 10mm Q-factor, and the KH/Onza’s have 12.5mm Q-factor.

Oh they have a slight kink in them don’t they? Exactly how are those measurements taken? Putting a ruler across the end of my KH/Onza cranks the pedal boss seems to be about 8mm further out than the crank boss.

I don’t know how the measurements are taken, but those are the measurements Kris gave in the new KH products are here thread.

EDIT: Thats also what UDC says.