crank pullers

i’m going to buy but i also need a square taper one for some b***s i’m working on can i take the isis foot off and use it on square taper cranks

thanks and is this in the right topic ??
sorry if not

This is the one that I use.

I got mine from one of my local bike shops.

It doesn’t appear that the tool you’ve linked us to comes with a foot for square taper… you might call UDC and ask about that.

Park Tool makes a similar puller that works with both types of cranks, but it requires you change the foot (both are provided).

Edit: I wouldn’t try operating that tool without the foot as you may damage your hub, or the tool.

UDC advertise a CWP-6 puller (same referenced by myself and Maestro8) however if you look closely at the picture it appeares to be CWP-5

The one we have referenced works great on my 06 Torker DX hub, my 07 KH ISIS hubs and my square taper learner uni. The two different sized buttons are removable. I’m not sure if the one that you have referenced has a removable button or additional smaller button head

I paid about $16.00 Canadian for mine.

thanks that’s prefect udc should care it

Or you could try this one I got it from my lbs, works great!:slight_smile:

i got one look like that but i can use it for ISIS and square taper

I have the same Pedro tool as uniaddict

It is good quality, and has a hole in the handle to store the extra foot.

The only downside to that type, is you must remove the pedal to remove the crank, because the built in handle will hit the pedal.