Crank Puller Question

Are there different variations of crank pullers or is there just one universal one that can be used for both square and ISIS cranks?

I went to the bike shop and bought a crank puller today. I should have asked the guy to pull one off as a demo but asked instead for instructions on what goes where.

My uni’s a Qu-Ax Cross and I can’t remove the cranks. I definitely know how to use the pullerr because I’ve tried it on another non-ISIS uni and it works. It seems that the bolt bit of the puller is too short but I’m not sure. I’ve left WD-40 on my cranks now and I’ll try again tomorrow. The shop’s closed so I can’t go back to ask.

I’ve never dealt with Isis cranks, so can’t speak to experience there, but in answer to your first question I know that my crank puller packaging billed itself as being for both square tapered and splined cranks.

Sounds like you have a puller for square tapers only.
Find a fairly thick washer with an OD that will just fit inside the ISIS crank hole. Then you can use your puller against the washer to create the push force. Instead of the small pusher on the tool just going further into the ISIS hole.

In my experience pullers listed for both have a special end piece that you put on the end of the plunger for ISIS, and that can be removed for ST. Using the smaller ST puller on ISIS can go down the bolt hole, destroying the thread on the way, rwecking the hub (ask thejdw about that one).

If that be true, it’d mean they’re probably ruined.

How come I have the worst luck with unicycle maintanence???

You need the right tool for the job

Don’t feel too bad - people strip threads on their cranks all the time, but usually it is from not threading the crank puller tool correctly, as opposed to using the wrong crank pulling tool.

You might not have ruined your cranks, yet. You will know as soon as you try to screw in the bolt that holds them on. Good luck!

Is this what I want for my unicycle?(yes, it’s cotterless)

As long as you have cotterless square taper cranks this should work. I think they are selling it cheap because any of the newer styles will work on either ISIS or square taper.

Yeah, you might have ruined the hub, which is much worse :astonished: