Crank Problems

Has anyone had crank problems with the nimbus hoply?(Qu-Ax 10 cranks)

crank problems

can u decribe the problem

After I have been riding and jumping for a wile, my cranks start to get lose and make noise. No matter how much I tighten them they still get lose.

Have you greased the axle and bolts? A little bit of car/b*cycle grease on each side of the axle and on the bolt thread should seal up any gaps and help them to stay on and in place. Another option is to put Loctite on the bolts instead of the grease, but still grease the axle.

Thanks alot!!

use a hammer

Seriously, when putting a crank on a tapered hub, grease the parts, make sure the parts are together right, then whack it on good with a hammer. This will seat the parts together tightly.

If you don’t have a brass hammer, use a wood block to pound on, to avoid smash marks.

i had same problem

i machined off 1.5 mm off end of hub ,first i meaured both sides using a vernier and one was longer than the other (the hub was actually too long for the crank arm ,so when you do the bolt up it doesnt clamp properly) or it could be your crank have been machined too deep

only a rubbish sketch but left hand diagram shows hub is longer than crank so no matter how tight the bolt is the crank and the hub will never tighten up against each other ,
the right hand diagram shows how it should look

crank.bmp (18.8 KB)

Thanks alot Jerome! I think I’m getting what is wrong and hopfully when I have the time, eill fix it.