crank problems

hello fellow unicyclist i have been unicycling for about 5 days and I’m really good at it fall about once about every 14kms… okay sorry for bragging I’m just happy about it anyways my cranks keep get lose once in a while about every 4kms i bet this is a problem with most unicyclist just maybe not as frequent as mine but i don’t want anything periment or buying new cranks but if i have to guess i could (after a couple lawn mowinges :slight_smile: ) any tips or advice please tell me i always got a ratchet with a 9/16 anyways.

Your crank nut/bolt is probably 14mm, so be careful with the non-metric socket. Riding on loose cranks wears down the axle and crank hole, so your problem may only be fixable with new cranks, possibly a new hub. Also try getting the bolt tight to 30 foot-pounds or so, but it may be too late for that to matter.

14 kilometers without a dismount after five days? Very impressive!

any “poors man” fix or home made device to put on it?

^^listen to John

Also, sorry, no “poor man’s fix,” it was really unfortunate to break your uni while you’re still in your newbie days…if it’s moving when it’s tight you have to replace it.

Tighten it up, see if it still moves. If it does, stop, get all the right tools(crank extractor, socket/hex wrench, etc.), check the hub and cranks for damage, and report back to us or just buy new parts.

It would also help if you told us exactly what unicycle you have so we know how to help…

Do you have the taperd square hub?

I will guess that you do. It helps to beat these cranks on with a mallet and wood block. This will smash together a big contact patch of metal, then you tighten the axle nut.

Really, we need a description of the axle that the crank fits on. Does it look square ?

okay im new to unicycling so i may be a little clueless at this stuff but ill take like 3-4 pics of itand post them later tonight i got a soccer practise to go to soon so ill catch up with you guys later. :sunglasses:

Thanks for all the help guys but the mallet and wood block seemed to work hehe i’m a big newbie:p