crank preferences for flipping


I understand the pros and cons of long/short cranks for everything except this: which cranks are better for flipping, or is it a preference thing? I currently have 140’s and can crankflip easily (down small sets and stuff) but i cant do many flip tricks because i cant flip the cranks fast enough. i am getting a new wheelset soon and was wondering if it would be worth trying 125’s.

What do pro people like shaun and xavier use?

Your thought would be greatly appreciated.


I think they probably use 125’s (not positive) for flow during street riding.

Shaun uses 140’s. I do too, but im not pro ha.


Xav uses 135’s.

I use 127s and sometimes 110s when I use my splined freestyle. All flip tricks are MUCH easier on the 127s. I learned to flip with 140s.

Well now he does because they just came out but he hasn’t been this whole time.

I thought shaun was riding a stock kh20 with 127s ?

lol thanks for the replys but they are a bit inconclusive.

Spencer is flipping much easier on the 127s compared to the 110s or 140s?

What i am still wondering is: is it easier to flip the cranks fast with 125s or 140s?


135’s strait up…

Well I first had the 140s then I switched to 127s so I had to get used to everything again so I don’t know how they really compare. I haven’t tried flipping on one then the other side by side. I don’t think the difference is that big. It seems like longer cranks will give you more torque so a fast flip but with shorter cranks naturally flip faster once they are going. The 110s are really hard to flip with because they are too sensitive, the flip has to be pretty perfect to get it to go around the right amount and once you have them flipping fast it is hard to catch them because you can’t really apply as much back pressure so it slips out.

So it is probably easier to get power with long cranks and shorter ones flip faster but the extreme on either side is bad, you don’t want too long or too short. I think it was Alex Toms that said that double flipping on 140s was a lot easier than on his profiles and there is only a 5 mm difference.

I think you would be fine just riding what you have, you’ll get used to it and it won’t really be a problem.

and yeah, just asked shaun he flips on 127…

thanks for your help guys.

i am asking because i am buying a new kh wheel and was thinking about changing crank length. i think i will stick with the 137s though.

Spencer - is tomesy your god or something? thats the second reference to him by you i have read in like 2 days! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d think that 135’s would be awesome for everything.

I try to flip with 140’s though:o

Haha, I realized that too…I didn’t really do it on purpose, it was just the first thing I thought of.
The other time was about hickflips and he used to have that animated avatar of one and I saw it a lot and then a long time ago I talked to him about doubles and cranklengths so yeah…:o

He has been using prototype cranks for a long time. Check his ‘Barcelona’ video. They are prototypes of the new street cranks I believe.