Crank/pedal stall, hop wheel to ledge quesiton

I dunno what you call this manouver but I have seen it. A pedal stall which I can do on my pedal or my crank arm, but I cannot hop onto my wheel up the ledge. Whats the trick here. My body ends up going ot my planted foot basically pulling me off the balance. Do I need to land this pedal with my dominant foot. Anyhow tips would be great. Thanks mat.

its called a pedal grab. its your preference to what foot you use.

sounds hard as fuck

shit this will be a tough one wont it.

Well uh maybe if you…

Um, I’m not terribly good at this, I’ve only actually pulled it off once but here goes. When you get into the pedal grab lean hard away from the dangling pedal. Keep your foot that’s not planted fairly close to the pedal. Once you’re comfy pull up hard on the seat and suck your knees in. Also, I’ve found it helpful to go from pedal to rubber fairly quickly. I think it’s easier that way. I hope this helps.

this thread might help you

focus on pulling up not over. just pull up and uni should center itself under you and onto the object.

I’m doing everything those threads say to do, but my uni jsut doesn’t raise up enough. any advice? I need to bring it up like another 3", but it doens’t seem to beable to got up any more:(

Jump higher.

You need to be able to jump half of your wheel to get up there, so try to jump up 3 pallets, if you can jump up that, you can go to rubber from a grab.

I can jump up 3 pallets sif and si. then you have a low psi tire though.

Well then, you are easily getting the height you need to go to rubber.

Don’t tense up, bend down a little and jump, pulling a lot on the handle. You should get it quickly seeing you can jump up the pallets.

Keep practicing and youll get it, just dont focus so much as getting the uni up and over, just have fun with it and dont get frustrated.

ok, I’ll try again tommorow then.