Crank offset/Q-factor on KH, Qu-Ax?


Still trying to figure out how to upgrade my Telford by adding a splined wheel. I figured out the hub width by trying to put my son’s DX wheel on it. It fit the frame, width-wise (apparently, the current Suzue hub has 100 mm bearing-to-bearing (centers). But the cranks wouldn’t work because they have no offset (what some people erroneously call Q-Factor, but I won’t because I don’t want Tholub on my case :roll_eyes: ). That is, they’re too narrow for my frame. A Telford is a little like a Hunter (see picture below), and the crank from the DX wheel hit the back frame member–the long arched one.
<img src=“”>
So if I upgrade, I need to know in advance if the cranks will have enough offset to clear the frame the way my current cranks do. I’m looking at getting the longest cranks I can (165 KH or 170 Qu-Ax). Can anybody tell me how much these two are offset?

Thanks for any help!