Crank Maintainence?

originally posted by rowan i think:

Like what? i am getting new cranks soon(profile) and i don’t want to screw them up like i have with my current set. hell, maybe i could even fix my current cranks (cotterless.) Discuss.

Fix it straight away. Loose cranks get worse and never get better if you leave them. Check they are tight on a regular basis and stop riding at the first sign of a problem.


i agree with the badgerand would add that it is a good idea with cotterless to ride with the tool to tighten in order to not be tempted toride with it loose or to have a long walk out.

for maintenance of splined crank check here


If you bent your crank, which I think you did, there isn’t much you can do. If the crank is loose, tighten it. Remember, never ride on a loose crank. If you haven’t already, take the cranks off and put a good helping of grease on. The grease will help you get the crank on tighter as well as help keep the area between the cranks and hub free of moisture.

Another thing to remember when removing cranks are to make sure you have the retaining nut (or bolt) removed before using the crank removal tool. There are a good number of us here who knows what happens when you don’t.


My cotterless crank came loose every 10 minutes of riding! This was horrible. Went out and bought some loctite and it fixed the problem right up. And believe me… loctite was the only solutiong, I tried everything first.

If you haven’t already, read some of the old Splined crank maintenance threads. John Childs has some good advice (as usual) in this thread. If you haven’t found enough information already, there is also this one. Have fun maintaining your new hardware!