Crank length

I have a new 2007 KH24 muni. I live on dirt, in the middle of nowhere, and am using the uni for exersize and cruising. It came with 150 cranks, but I am still having a tough time with climbing the steep, rough stuff. If I bag the climbing and stick more to the flat stuff, Would shorter cranks be more efficient to cruise longer distances???

Just keep practicing and you will get stronger, soon those hills won’t be an issue! Shorter cranks would be better to cruise long distance yes, but if riding on flat ground for distance is all you plan to do why did you get a 24" KH?

I bought the KH because I don’t live anywhere near pavement, and I like riding on dirt. I used to be heavy into mountain biking, and thought muni looked like fun. This is my first time riding a uni again in probably 30 years, and The KH looked like the sweetest ride for the price.

It sure is and now its begging you for some downhill.

Keep pracitcing, because the 150s on a KH24 should enable you to climb most anything once your uni muscles come back. Also, if you liked MTBing, you’re going to love muni up and down hills. On steep downhills the 150s will give you better leverage to manuever than shorter cranks.

An interesting choice would be these, to have 125 and 150mm options just by switching pedal locations.