Crank Length?

I’m new here and to Unicycling. I’ve been lurking for a while and picking up info for the last month or so.

My question is, What length cranks should I be using? I have a 24" Yunni with 170mm cranks. I have an inseam of about 31". Is 170mm too short, just right or too long? I get a ton of wobble when I petal but I’m still a newbie. On a good run i can only get about 60’or so. Or is it even a factor at this point?


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If you can ride your uni, its not a factor at this point. When you get into a specific type of unicycling than we can talk. For Muni 170mm is good, trials = too long, street = too long. Otherwise if your in the learning stages still, dont worry, you can keep those cranks on. It might be easier though with shorter cranks because theres less tire wobble and less “rotating mass” of the legs going around, but since you said you can already go 60’ then Id say you can already ride…good enouph anyway where you dont have to change them out for something shorter. Hope that helped some.

lol. 170s on a 24" is massive…

I recommend 150s/

Thanks for the info. I might try 150s and see. Is it pretty much personal preferance? Everyone has a favorite length for what they are into.


170 is a bit specialised. 150 is probably more versatile. However, if you are only new to the sport it is too early for you to be spending money on “improvements”. Find out what you enjoy most, and then you will start to know what will suit you best.

I write as one who has tried 80, 89, 102, 110, 114, 125, 127, 150, 165 and 170 mm cranks. I had a lot of fun experimenting before I found that crank length is no more than a fine tuning issue. The most important thing to upgrade on your uni is the eccentric nut on the saddle.


I would go for the 150’s.

Stock on the Torker 24 LX (which I have) is 152, and I’m wishing they were shorter. At this point I’m just doing distance and no tricks.

Cranks are cheap enough to exchange for a smaller set later. If you have to mail order, I would order 150’s and 125’s at the same time.


The most important thing to upgrade on your uni is the eccentric nut on the saddle.

That takes a 14mm socket right?!

Hah! I believe the “eccentric nut on the saddle” Mike refers to is the unicycle’s rider. :wink:

As in… it’s most important to train yourself as a rider, moreso than upgrading any of your equipment. Your equipment won’t hold you back (unless something is completely broken), but your lack of skill will. Get back on the saddle and ride!

You’ll have to excuse Mike for his style of writing… lately, he’s been acting a bit… well… English.

175s on a 20" are the best EVER for trials

Part is prefference and part what you’re doing.
It’s easeir to roll smoothly w/ shoter cranks, you’ll get less wheel wobble, and a bit faster. Better for cruising and XC trails.
With longer cranks you have more slow speed control, easier to climb and decend hills, but a bit slower. Better for trials and technical Muni and big drops.

My gues is your Yuni is a Muni, right? If it has cotterles cranks they are cheep and inexpensive to expiriment with sizes. Plus your local bike shop (LBS) may stock or can order them, tax is cheaper than shipping usually. Be caustious though longer cranks will put more stress on the hub and rim.

For learning I agree w/ Mornish that 150’s would be better.

I say, steady on old chap. That was a rum thing to say.

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