Crank length

Which crank length is best for trial?

I have 125mm now but I think it is to short.

Sorry for my English.

I run 140S

I use 125s too and had 145s before and I don’t have any problems + for street and just riding around the shorter cranks are a LOT more fun.

i prefer my 125s over the old 140s i used to use…untill you a do i a big drop…i find i fall a lot more on big drops since i switched to 125s, but jumping feels the same

trial and street:
137-140mm :wink: (impact or k1 cranks…)
flatland or technical street : I recomment the 130mm street cranks from impact or the 135 k1 street cranks

I m using 110 for my street uni;
its fast but i didnt used it well winter -35 outside