crank length/style of riding

does any one use 140mm for street or a uni w/ 125-127mm for trials?

what cranks do you prefer for your style of riding/wheel size?

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i like my 125s for trials and street…i like em for street cuz you can get some good speed out of em and i like em for trials because the dont bend easily on drops. i would however like to get some 140s for trials because then i will have more control.

I use 145s for street. They work fine, but I would like to try some shorter cranks.

ive tryed 140s for a little “street” but i dont like them 'cause it wobbles a lot if you need alot of speed. but i domnt like the 127s for trials 'cause i feel like i cant get a lot of torque for rough stuff, also i dont have alot of control when (trying to) sif hop really far and some times the wheel comes out from under me.

so just get 2 sets of cranks and change em around…

do you know how annoying that would be?

yeah but unless you buy adjustables(which only come cotterless) its your only option if you want the best of both.

I have 140mm Profiles on my trials uni, but I’d like shorter ones, but I know that shorter ones don’t come for Profiles.

yeah thats sucks about profiles…but just think…some of the best trials riders in the world swear by profiles…and if they like em i say theyre fine.

is there any way to buy a kh uni stock w/ 127s or do i need to buy them seperate?

naw on udc you can only get it stock with 140s…but maybe you should just call and check…they kno better than me

Yours I guess you may actually have 145, as that is the smallest that Profile can make.


I have 127’s on my trials and i love them, but now im looking to get a splined hub and i cannot find splined cranks that come in 127’s. They are all 140 and up! Does anyone know where to get 127 splined cranks?
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You can get most splined cranks in 127mm lengths. Old KH KH/Onza (these will fit the old Onza hub), Qu-ax (Koxx come in 125mm)


I never saw those! But they are £60!!! I would never want to crank grab or grind on them! Id rather use a cotterless hub and just replace it when it bends!
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but what happens when your hub breaks…i would seriously consider the koxx hub and crankset…its very good.