Crank Length on 20" Freestyle Uni

I just got myself a Nimbus 2 with 114mm cranks, and am feeling like they are a bit too long to give me the smooth momentum I’m looking for. If I pop down a size, would it be best to go to 110mm cranks or to 100mm? Will 4 measly millimeters make enough of a difference, and/or will 100mm’s take enough stability out of the pedals to make it a rough upgrade?

Thanks for your most expert opinions, fine riders.

I’m using 125, which is “huge”, because that’s what I started with, and so got used to, and never felt comfortable to switch to 110. For choosing between 110 or 100, you may consider your style. For pirouettes smaller cranks are better, but for a precise one footed skill I say the longer one will give you more control / possibility to dose your force. And for myself I don’t think longer cranks are bad; in the end you have to truly master technique anyway. If I were you I would go for 110.

90’s and 102’s are popular around here. I don’t think the 4mm difference will really be enough to feel, I’d try the 100’s. Or better yet, buy both and re-sell what you don’t like.