crank length observation

This morning I took out the “street unicycle” for a ride, the Semcycle
with 24 x 1.75 mild profile tyre, and 125 mm cranks. After having
cycled on asphalt for almost an hour (covering some 10 km), I passed
my usual MUni grounds. So I decided on a little detour on some of the
smooth trails. I was amazed at what I could climb up, way more than
would be expected based on a simple leverage calculation.

I remember Mikefule claiming the same thing, relating it to the
“smooth” pedal motion. I think that may be a factor somehow;
additionally the lower weight of the unicycle (and rider, wearing no
protection for street riding) plays a role, as well as the lower
ground friction of the narrow, high-pressure tyre. Also, because of
the one-hour ride I was warmed up and used to riding, but not yet
tired (which I certainly am after an hour of MUni).

Klaas Bil

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