Crank Length for Trials?

I’m looking at getting a Nimbus trials. I noticed that both the KH and the Onza have 140mm cranks while the Nimbus has 125mm. Which is the better size? Opinions?

I started on a monty trials with 125’s and now i have a KH with 140s. I liked the 125s cause you could get going a bit faster for rolling hops.

When i started on my KH, my pedals hit the ground alot on sharp turns. Now im used to it and just know how far i can lean before i hit so its not bad.

I could see the 140s being a little better for getting torque on steep rock faces and stuff. But its cool to go fast on short cranks and get more air.


I use 127 (QU-AX) cranks on my KH, I find they’re better for speed, stronger but not quite as good for acuracy and I don’t know if anyone else has found this but when doing big rolling hops I find it hard to take off right, because I’m going too fast, theres not enough leverage to get the right pedal stroke when taking off (hard to describe) so I personally think 140’s are better and will be going back to 140’s when I can find some stronger than old KH cranks. Are those Mongoose ones any stronger than KH cranks?

I’m curious, have you ever actually broken a splined crank? If not, then there’s no reason to worry about it. Haro makes a 140mm version of their cranks that fits a KH spline and is much stronger from the looks of it, though.

I used to use Onza 140s. They were fine for everything, except they bottom out really easily. I’m soon to be using profile 145s, and I don’t expect to notice any difference… I figure all it could do is help me with my precision, wich isn’t a bad thing.

Yeah, I bent my KH cranks BADLY (as in totally unridable) and have apparently bent my QU-AX ones although I can’t really notice. I wonder if these mongoose ones are avilable in the UK.

Wow. What were you doing? I rode my Onzas for over a year and they never bent. You must do some huge moves.

For me are the ONZA 140mm the right one…great for trials and street riding…


take the length you feel is best, i prefer 140s or shorter.