Crank length and hill climbs

Check out the “Fastest Speed on a Unicycle” thread. Page 10 may be especially helpful. Fastest speed on a unicycle

wherein it is written and graphed what sort of maximum speeds can be achieved on different unicycle set ups (wheel sizes, crank lengths and gears). All hail the uni geeks!
If you’re looking to break speed records you should probably consider a geared 36" with 125 mm cranks, although 150 mm cranks might do it too.

If you’re looking for issues of control, efficiency, likelihood of pedal strikes etc then you might want to check out the “New Concept: Total Gear Ratio” thread. (New concept: Total Gear Ratio) Eric made some beautiful graphs that make me want to laminate them and put them up on the wall.:slight_smile:

My personal preference? For climbing big hills with an 8 to 10% grade I like to ride my 36" guni (in low gear) with 165 mm cranks. That’s the configuration that I rode up the Mt. Diablo Challenge with, including the last super steep part.
For distance riding with less extreme hills I use 150 mm cranks.