Crank length and asthma?Is there a qualified pulmonary specialist on this forum?

Any thoughts? I just bought a pseudo 29" in the trading post from AccordNSX, 150mm cranks, and I’m wondering if shorter or longer will leave me in an asthmatic fit :astonished: (kind of like this all too convienant gasping head).

There’s a formula right? Shorter cranks are … but longer cranks are more… so if you ride … then … is probably better. I’ll figure it out eventually but I was hoping someone could post and save me a blind trial and error.

Anyways the unicycle looks sweet, it’s over here

I’m no pulmonary expert. But I know that shorter cranks make it easier to go fast, but harder to slow down. Longer cranks make it easier to go up hills, but harder to go fast. I don’t know what types of riding you’re planning on doing with your sweet new uni, so can’t tell which of these might exacerbate your asthma!

That’s the comparison I was looking for. I’ll probably try the 29" out (I use a 24" now and any real distance is :astonished: ) and go slightly longer depending on the speed advantage it already has. Now that I’m visualizing it, I think fewer revolutions is the key, if only slightly.

With shorter cranks, you can spin higher rpms easier, which in turn means you can go faster. Short cranks feel “snappy,” but with longer cranks you have more control