Crank Legth questions for Coker

I’ve never had a Coker unicycle before and am planning on buying one soon. I was wondering how you decide what Crank Length is the right one. I am
5’ 11" and have long legs would the 150 length be better for me than the 125?


I’m 5’10" and I was debating using 150’s for a while when I was piecing together my custom coker, and finally I apted for some alloy 125’s. So far I can ride up almost any hill I encounter, the only downside I found with using 125’s is when doing Muni, and going down loong steep decents - I get very tired from putting resistance on the wheel and keeping it from wobbling. But then again, with 150’s, you would have a much tougher time on the flat, straight-aways, whereas with the 125 cranks, you can really crank out the speed on the flats! It’s kind of a give-or-take situation.


  • Lee

Its usually a good idea to start with 150s and decide where to go from there. If you’ve never ridden a coker before, 125s would be a challenging proposition.

I started Cokering with 150 mm and went on to 127 which are enjoyable but makes the wheel harder to master. Just for fun I recently put on a pair of 170 mm cranks and boy was this beast easy to handle! So my answer to you would be start with 150 mm or longer.

It’s depend if you live in a montainous or a flat area. I think it’s a good idea to change crank when you change district (125 --> 150).