Crank is coming off

I got a unicycle for my birthday about 6 months ago. Recently when riding the
left crank wobbles every rotation until it gets so loose it falls off. I have used a socket wrench several times and cleaned out any grease but it still falls off. Any suggestions would help.

well you want grease, it can help lock things in place and keep metals from bonding. My learner torker used to do that, I just had to tighten it up a bunch every once in a while. As soon as it starts to wobble though, you should tighten it up. If you’re riding with a loose crank (and usually it’s square taper) it can grind it down a bit, and make the problem even worse.

Try Locktight

I had the same thing happening on my 20" torker cx.

I tried using a torque wrench to get the torque correct, a couple types of lock washers… nothing worked.

The last time it was apart I applied some loc tite to the threads. It’s been working fine ever since, several months now…

Most of the time I use my 24" but the 20 has already passed the short amount of time it took to loosen previously, which was one ride dow nthe street.

I had the same problem. A drop of loctite fixed it

if it’s a splined crankset, I wouldn’t use loctite. Especially with ISIS ones, you’re probably not tightening enough.

If you’re on cotterless, then those things are always coming off, especially if you ride a little hard. Loctite, superglue it’s all good :wink: End of they day you’ll still need to tighten it regularly. Leave a wrench with your uni and tighten before every ride :slight_smile:

Hey Shankles, where in Knoxville do you live and how old are you?

There are a couple riders in the area, my son and I ride a fair amount on trails, a couple guys ride road, and there’s knoxuni who rides trials/muni.

Give us a hollar if you want to try something a little more adventurish.

Btw, if you’re on a cheap uni (Sun or similar) sooner or later you’llneed to update, they’re just not designed for regular riding.

Try some red locktite on the crank/spindle interface, and loctite the bolt threads. Grease is important for higher end unis, but since you probably already have a messed up crank or spindle, there’s probably not much you can do to fix it.

Now if you’re on a quality uni, splined axle and aluminum cranks, then you may need to look at the spacer between the crank and bearing, i.e crank not going on far enough.

Cedar Bluff is a the most knowledgeable uni shop in town, most of the guys ride or rode as kids.

or come to west bikes because i got a job there. also red locktite or maybe new bolts. also when my check clears i will have a N26 and my trials. if ya ever wana try something different hit me or nurse ben up.

Search old posts for these keywords:

loose crank wood block rubber mallet

As noted grease is important, loctite really shouldn’t be needed.

Problem is all fixed

Thank you for all your input and suggestions. My problem is over now though.
In the end I just took the bolt of hit the crank repeatedly with a rubber mallet and used some locktite it has worked fine ever since