Crank Idling

Hey guys, just working on a new (to me) trick i came across few weeks back: crank idling. anyone got any tips on it?

PS: my regular idles are 100% solid

ive noticed that putting most of my weight on the top foot on the crank makes its the easiest

I just finished learning that one. I found that straight back and forth doesn’t work. You have to ride on sort of a curved path to keep your weight over the wheel.

I learnt crank idle by mounting into crank idle. I had my uni on my left and a wall on my right. Initially I tried to stay on as long as I could doing the idle, holding on the wall. Then I learnt to rely on the wall less and less. On to the trick itself - Put the curve of the saddle onto your hip and use one hand to hold it in place. You can lean the unicycle over quite a long way and still be balanced in this trick - keep yourself upright and don’t worry about the uni being on a lean. Your inside foot rolls on the top of the crank and your outside foot stays on the outside half of the pedal. Position your feet carefully when mounting otherwise you’ll end up kicking yourself (literally). Look at to see the trick done properly.

It helps to have learnt these skills first (usually in this order):
Riding seat out back
Riding seat on side in a circle
Seat on side idle
From seat on side idle you can step across with one foot to the top of the crank into crank idle.

hmmm, i can to seat in front and seat behind well but ive never tried seat beside. is the seatpost in front of or behind my leg when i do that?

The seatpost is behind just like seat in back, which is how you get into it. It is easier to do in a (fairly tight) circle:

does my seat have to be super high or something?
when i try to ride with the seat on my side my leg is touching the wheel and i cant ride