Crank idle??

I’m trying to learn to crank idle. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks!:slight_smile:

Just crank iddled in the bathroom and this is how I do it:

Put all your weight on the pedal use the crank to steer.

Lean into the seat so that it stays there with out you holding it- (but to learn you shuld probably hold the seat)

Keep your the foot on the crank straight and use the very middle part of your foot when the crank is facing down.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Besides what was said above I would recommend learning it while holding onto a wall.

basic mastering:
Don’t be affraid to fall in the wrong direction (unless you are seriously reckless) that barely happens.
Don’t wait practising the (in general) harder variants: freehanded and seat not touching.
Notice yourself there is a huge difference in crank-idle when your body posture is strong and straight, or lose and bent.

some fine tuning:
Play with making circles (turning around your ax, both directions).
Try to move in the ‘wrong’ direction (the vertical ax from your head to the middle of your hub, bottom of your tyre, should move -during idling- towards the side where your unicycle is).

practical practice I did:
Myself, I always moved away from the place I started, as I was afraid to hang over the seat.
If that counts for you to, then try 20 idles without moving more than 3’ away from the pole or wall or etc. where you’ve started, and count your successful atempts.
Wether you do 3 out of 5 or if it takes you more like 2 hours, be happy with success for now.

Last but not least, -as often- just practice your transitions (before mastering the skill itself).