crank idle transition

I can mount to crank idle, idle some, and get out of it but i can’t get to it from riding. Any tips?

Re: crank idle transition

Ride seat on the side, go into an idle like that, pause, and bring your foot around and put it on the crank, and keep idling. To go out, just reverse, or use your imagination.


i get get forward motion after i try to get to it. It just stops.

To get into crank idle (I’m no expert, but I can get it sometimes) I idle, pull the seat out into seat on side idling, then pop my foot over the wheel onto the crank. Unfortunately, I can’t think of any helfpul advice to make it easier.

A cool way to get out of crank idle is to spin youself 180 degrees and put your right foot (assuming you crank idle on the right) on the left pedal, turn your left foot around, and ride off with the seat in back, and the unicycle facing the wrong way. It’s really hard, but I’ve managed it a few times.

I can mount to crank idle too and get out of it from there, but i cant get into it from regular riding.

I have tried it from seat on side idle but i cant seat on side idle very well yet and whenever i manage to get my foot over i have no momentum and fall off.

The easiest (and only way as of now) way to get out of crank idle for me is do this. I do a freehand crank idle with out holding the seat, and then swing my leg around the front like a freehanded side mount and then either go into regular idling or riding.

Here are some other ways to get out that would be pretty cool (i havent tried them yet but i bet they are possible).

  1. jump up to a hop on tyre.
  2. do a 180 unispin and land hopping seat in front with the seat backwards.
  3. jump up and spin your body 180 degrees and land in seat in front hopping.

This is how I do it (plus a movement what Colin Schworer called ‘cranck-idle inverse’ or so). It’s for sure one of my favourites. And -to me- that part it’s a hard one. Of all things I guess it’s the skill I’ve been practising the most.

However, your were asking for the transition:
So in deed get there by doing seat on side. Time it right; the foot that needs to be placed on the cranck should leave on the moment where your forward motion is about to become backward motion (which is caused by the lower pedal which is still having your weight on), then quickly put it on top of the cranck you were going to. If you time it right you wont feel uncontrolled. As you can see, you can do that part freehanded, but for now you better hold the seat. Actually by pushing yourself up (by pushing the seat), you can slow down the whole thing a bit (as less weight is ‘katapulting’ the pedals on that moment where your foot switches).