Crank hangs: Good or Bad?

Not being up myself, but i am awesome,
just kidding, but not really,
I have been riding for quite a long time, and was wondering, as i know i can do crank hangs, are they bad for ur uniycle over a long period of time, or
they have lesss effect than a turtle in a tornado?

there not realy that bad but thay can chip off paint and that can cause rust. Also if you can brake your pedals (i have did that once) but this is very hard to do. If your realy wored about it learn pedal grabs than you mont mess up the cranks

wtf is a crank hang

Probably crank grab.

Are you talking about crank grabs or is that a different thing.
PS. Koxx ISIS cranks are aluminium and wont rust.

i gess he means crank grab like when you hop up a leage to the crank arm and pause(hang) there

Ya, I think pedal hangs are pedal grabs with out going to rubber and crank hangs are crank grabs without going to rubber.

Crank grabs are fine. remember, people grind on their cranks, and that doesn’t screw 'em up too bad. if you’re worried about it, you can learn pedal grabs instead, just land on the pedal and go from there.

I’m voting for the turtle.

If you’re riding a trials uni then the cranks have been specifically designed for that treatmewnt, they’ll be fine.