Crank hang

Ok im now able to hop but i need some tips for the crank hank. Here are some questions tha im asking for :

  • Is it normal to be scared of it ?
  • What should I do for practicing?
  • How should I do it first?

Please help me.

Thank You.

Ok I will try to help. I think many things will be intimidating at first.
Are you going to try it seat out or in. I personally think it is easier to do it seat out but that is my personal preference. I have saw people do it seat in though. I think it is easier seat out to balance when you are up there. YOu will need to at least be able to hop on to something about 10" high that way your tire won’t be touching the ground. I don’t even know if that helped any. Also search the forums for crank grabs, you might find something. Hope this helps. KElly.

  • Yes

  • See below.

  • Just jump up on a ledge or something and land with all your weight on the appropriate crank. The ledge doesn’t have to be high, just high enough so you’re off the ground. Keep doing this until you feel comfortable with it. Then when you’re ready, bend way forward at the waist, bend yor knees, lean slightly inward and pop straight up, pulling the uni with you. You don’t have to worry about leaning in too much because with all your weight on the inward crank, when you jump the uni comes that way. It just takes practise.


Edit: Kelly posted before me but he/she (sorry) makes a good point. When you are hanging and you feel like you’re gonna fall (if you’re doing it seat in) pull out the seat and you can balance easier. When you’re balanced and ready to hop just stick it back in.

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