crank grabs

i can do crank grabs i learned today any tips of what i shud do next:D :smiley: :smiley:


The uni champion is here! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Pedal grabs?

start your pedal grabs

:smiley: i can do them too. wat next

Pedal grab on to higher things.

“why stop at pedal grabs”?

Hey you, bet you can’t fly over that small industrial wherehouse!

I bet he can if he uses enough TNT.

lol I learned them today to! (well sorta)
can you hop up from the crank grab?

If he can’t then it’s not a crankgrab.

well it is a crank grab but it isen’t a fULL crank grab

Learn how to pull from crank to rubber would be the most obvious thing. It’s pretty easy once you do it but it takes some nerve.

Yeah, most people I see when learning tense there legs up right before they jump, and then they either dont get to rubber, or they just stay down like they are about to jump, but never do.

Be relaxed, and be able to jump without the tires compression. Jump and pull up on the handle, and your really dont need to lean over much at all to get your tire on the object. =p

Maestro wrote out a really good guide on them. Search for that.

hey i almost have it down, it must be a good day. I can get to rubber but I always roll forward and fall and if I put more weight on the back foot I can’t get up, any tips

That’s freaking radical, radical reed!

Try going up, and not rolling out of it. Just get up and hop until your balance is restored, and then role out of it. Practice this and after a bit you should be able to do it smoothly.

This is a crank grab right?

Yeah, going from a crank/pedal grab to a crank climb is your best move, because learning this can open up a lot of obstacles that are too hight to simply hop onto. It’s a lot harder to learn if you have a 24" than a 20 though.

yup its a crank grab. unfortunately I can’t even get get my balance:o I just roll forward so fast I fall off. should I be grabing with my front foot or back?

Thanks for the help though!


Just go with whatever feels more comfortable …if something feels funny try mixing it up a bit until you find what helps you…these took me a while to learn but they really do come in handy.

Whoa, chillax home fry…Well dude you can try doing the same height grabs but with only one hop straight to rubber…and you can work on skinnies too…

I believe it’s called a crank stall.

hey so i can do a full crank stall on a table bench pretty good.

and ive been tryin to hop straight onto the bench.

i finally got good enough to hop all the way up. but i kind of fall over to the left from leaning to far over for my jump.

so i guess what im sayin is i cant maintain controll or balance after i land on the bench.

how do i fix this?