crank grabs

I was trying some crank grabs on my torker yesterday and got to thinking I shouldn’t do them because they were so hard on my cranks. Do ya’ll have any experience with destroying your cranks by doing these? Maybe torker cranks aren’t suitable for doing them. I know torkers aren’t exactly trials unis any way :).

Re: crank grabs

I bent a crank when learning to pedal grab. That was a cheapest-of-the-cheap crank on a cheapest-of-the-cheap unicycle. Those were replaced with a set of Bicycle Euro cranks for a tenner* and they’re still straight, despite much abuse.

Go for it…


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Re: crank grabs


ive never bent me cranks doing grabs. I use Bicycle euros too, but i find they bend easily when jumpin off walls etc. Wot cranks do u’z trails dudes use?


crank grabs, grinds etc will scuff all the paint from your lovely new cranks
unless youo have realy cheapo cranks you shouldn’t realy worry about it. if youor cranks are that bad then you’ll break them going to rubber on the object before you bend them by landing on them

find softer obstackles if youre woried.

I’m not really worried ecxept that I know I have a tendancy to destroy stuff. I’m probably the only person whose snapped I bike frame off a jump at 80 lbs.

if youre good at breaking stuff then start saving for your splined hub asap