Crank grabs vs. pedal grabs

Which of these is easier for ya’ll? I think that maybe crank grabs are easier with the seat in and pedal grabs are easier seat out. Is this true? 'Cause I can hop seat in alot better.

In my opinion crank grabs are easier in both situations. Pedal grabs take more accurate landings, and more control of your uni.

Pedal grabs can be better for alot of situations, but they are way harder.


As Mike said, crank grabs are easier in both cases, although crank grabs are not nearly as useful (in trials). Crank grabs with the seat in are an excellent step on your way to learning to grind. Make sure that you are grabbing with your forward foot (way easier and practical). Another street skill to learn is the footplant. It’s like a crank grab (seat in) except your foot comes off the pedal. This skill can be used as a transition into a crank flip.


Oh cool I thought I was the first person to do foot plants on a unicycle but I haven’t practiced them much. What are crank flips?

the other advantage of pedal grabs is u can do them onto really thin walls and pillars, whereas cranks are better onto ledges, benches and palletts
i just prefer craks…dunno why :thinking:

I just started experimenting with both types of grabs, I find them both easy. I think that pedal grabs are just better for higher grabs, whereas, crank grabs are more ideal for lower ledges. Don’t take my word for anything, as I’m just starting. I use the back foot to do the pedal and crank grabs, but ExtremeUnicycler says to use the opposite foot, as it is easier, but I think that it all depends on what the rider is comfortable with. Like for instance…
Hoppling depends on the rider; while some hop with the left foot in front, others hop with the right foot in front. I prefer to do both with the seat out in front, as you can get a lot more height, but of course the height you need to jump all depends upon the height of the object you grab.
Any way, good luck with whatever style you’re trying.:wink:


Crankflip: Ride along side a low ledge, hop up to a foot plant. With the foot that is still on the pedal, kick the pedal so the wheel does a full rotation back ward, as you do this, jump off the foot plant and land back on the pedals. If done smoothly the foot plant should be a fraction of a second long and it looks really sharp.
I think Dan Heaton has a video of it in his gallery, By Nick Caffroy I believe.


I think that you learn crank grabs, but only to transition into pedal grabs. When i first learned crank grabs, i practised them alot and thought they were great! Then after a while i stated to learn pedal grabs.

In this process, i’d still crank grab when i wasn’t sure, but on the easy stuff i’d try my “new” pedal grab :smiley:

Then after i got good at that, i felt that there was no purpose in doing crank grabs anymore, so i pretty much stopped.

I haven’t ancountered one situation where i wish i had crank grabbed, now it’s probably been 4 months since my last crank grab.

Another cool thing that kind of leads on to what dillan was saying about the roll-up in to crank grabs, it’s where you roll up, then go for a pedal grab, and in midair, you pull your seat out, and land in a normal pedal grab. I call them “roll-up pedal grabs” and they feel really cool. it’s hard to describe, try one, and you’ll understand, just make sure you commit, to get the full feeling. (fast, fully pull the seat out) well, good luck with all your grabs, and if someone can tell me an instance where a crank grab would be better that a pedal grab, please tell me!


Also I’m a pretty amidextrous (sp?) hopper, I can hop equally well from either side. When I used to do bmx I ground on the left side (I ride with the left foot forward). Then when I first started trying crank grabs I was trying them on the right side. Now I’m not sure which side to do them on.