Crank grabs and pinch bolts

Hey, so ive got a question about crank grabs. I have a grind plate on my pedal, and when I go to crank grab, ive noticed that the angle created between the pedal and the crank puts the weight on the pedal/grindplate and on the edge of the pinch bolt. Is that bad? I figure that once I learn pedal grabs it wont be an issue, but im just wondering if its bad. I dont see and wear on the pinch bolt but i thought I would ask some more experienced people.

No one?

I dont think it is bad, it will scratch up the area your landing on, but its all cosmetics.

I too have a grindplate that I do tons of crank/pedal grabs, and grinds on.

There are tons of times where I land more on the cranks or on the pinchbolt area, and it just gets scratched. Everything still works perfectly on it, and that is after about 8 month of hard riding on it.

The worst that has happened to me was a build-up of wax got stuck in there and I had to ply it out before I could fit my allen wrench in there to loosen it. lol

Im fine with scratching up the crank. I cant even see the Torker label on it anymore. I just dont want my pinch bolt to get eaten up. Ill post a pic tomorrow so you can see whats up. I would do it now but its pitch black.

Yeah, it will be fine. I bet it looks like mine. =p

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Wait, that reminds me of a thread. lol

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This is really starting to bother me. My pinch bolt is all chewed up.

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How so?

Mine is pretty scratched up, but it hasn’t affected the inside of it. Sometimes it gets filled up with dirt and wax from grinds, so I have to scrape that stuff out before I can get an Allen wrench in there.

It’s getting really scratched up and the scratches are nearing the edge of where the allen key goes. I guess it’s fine…

What cranks do you have? I used to have the old KH04 cranks and crank grabbing and grinding chewed up the part of the bolt where the bolt came out the back(the threads, not the slot for the allen). So I couldn’t fully remove that bolt…only tighten it or loosen it enough to pull the crank. Eventually I cut the bolt out and replaced it…

Im on DX cranks.