Crank Grab worries

I Learned how to crank grab about a month ago and I just now realized I have not only been landing on my crank but my bearing holders as well, is this bad. Does it hurt my uni very badly, or is this normal:o

 thanks for the tips,

Try and avoid it, and if it persists take off the frame and screw the bolts on from the top of the holder, so if you land on the holder more you don’t mess up the screw top and make it impossible to take off.

bump cause I have the same problem

A good way to prevent landing on the bearing gear is to land pedal first. you’ll learn how to do it very smooth with time.

I would say that its pretty normal. I think landing on the crank is just fine. I land on my bearing all the time. maybe not good for it, its smoother to land on the crank or pedal … but i still stick it 90% of the time … i would worry more about sticking the landing then the unicycle…

my philosophy is, if the unicycle breaks… it wasn’t strong enough