Crank grab video

Hi all,

Thought I’d share a first for me: my first outing with my new digital camera
(a Sony cyber-shot P31 or something) and my first attempts at video editing.

The clip’s at and shows a crank
grab on to a low wall then the riding of said wall. There’s a high res mpeg
weighing in at just under 6 megs and a low res QuickTime coming in at a tidy
600k. don’t ask why they’re different formats… just don’t ask.


Why are they diff…hehe.

Very arty Neil, thanks for posting that. I’ve only watched the QuickTime but I’ll watch it in full mpeg glory when I get more time, no broadband here I’m still on dial up :frowning:

Cheers, Gary.

Oh yes, and the best part is the “Jackass” theme music. Great video!!

Re: Crank grab video

Thanks Mojoe. I was pretty pleased with it I have to say.

For some reason the sound is just out of sync in the quicktime version…
unless you let it play and then rewind it and play it again. The ownders of
modern technology!


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> Oh yes, and the best part is the “Jackass” theme music. Great video!!
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Dang. I watched it without realizing it had the “Jackass” theme song. Now I’ll have to download it again and turn my speakers on. I ALWAYS forget that.

Nice vid, Neil. Multiple views…cool.