Crank grab to rubber tip

Wow… that subject sounds rather odd doesn’t it?

Anyway… The crank grab learning process that KH suggests is to start on the crank and jump up from there, right? Well i took it a step lower than that.

I had two milk crates and a board placed on top if them which gave me just enough height to keep my wheel a few inches off the ground. Now the board is sturdy enough to keep a flat surface and keep the wheel off the ground, but it was bendy enough to give me a little extra bounce to my jump up.

I still can’t jump from a concrete ledge just yet but the bouncy board is really helping me work on my crank grab technique and balance. Soon i’ll be able to step up a level.

Just wanted to share this tip with anyone else trying to work on their crank grab.

Cheers! [was a good show]

Thanks for that. I’ll have to give it a try on the muni tomorrow. Using a board like that, I won’t have to worry about hurting my beautiful Profiles. I’ve never practised crank grabs before but I’ll have to get my act together because they’re so useful.

Thanks (it was a good show by the way),