Crank Grab help.

Ok I need help. I know pedal grabs would probably be easier but I want to try it with crank grabs. Can any of you give me tips from going from a crank grab to rubber on to an object. I can crank grab on pretty high stuff but I have never tried to jump up on the object once I crank grab it. Any suggestions are welcome. Please help. Thanks.

Is there a reason no one ever answers me? Please I need help.

I’m not answering because I don’t know how.

if you need help on free mounting im your man.

crank grabs to rubber aren’t really my specialty…


It normally takes longer to learn pedal grabs. Early on when I started crank grabs, I would bend really low forward and then spring up as hard as I could. The trick seemed to be bending low. Later on as my technique improved there wasn’t need for such a darastic bend.


Crouch down as low as you can then try and jump as high as you can bringing the uni with you. The height should not be a problem. If it is…well i can’t help you. If you can already crank grab on high stuff then this shouldn’t be much of a problem. You should be able to get the height easy.

Thank you. Would it be easier with the seat out or in? Because when I get up there I kinda have a problem with balance.

my two cents:

  • i find it easier seat out, i worked on my seat out jumping in order to be ready for crank grabs.
  • with a crank grab you can have some pressure on both pedals but your jumping power is with the pedal on the object
  • jump as if doing a regular jump seat out. try to jump pretty much straight up rather than two far inwards out of intimidation of the edge.
  • you’ll be up then control your balance once you hit rubber.
  • most imprtantly, just try it. do it on something low and large. the worst that can happen is that you fall over onto the object.
  • and don’t forget to breath while doing it, have fun…


Anyone else have any information?

I’m gonna start doing it again. I used to be able to do it but havn’t done it with my new uni (heavier and just havnt tried really). You just gotta tell yourself you will make the height. Just make sure you can make the height first :stuck_out_tongue: I personally will just have to go for it, the hardest part will be staying on whatever im going to rubber on.

Also see for some written tips.


I should count how many of those posts you have made once sentence long advertising your site andrew, bet it would be over 20 :roll_eyes:

Sucess!!! I finally did it. I did the squating technique with the seat out and JUST WENT FOR IT. I fell so pumped. Thank you all for all of your help.

That’s what it’s there for. :slight_smile: