Crank Grab help...Please

I have been trying and trying but I can’t seem to get it, is there anyone with advice or help I need to be able to do it…it would make trials riding so much easier…Please help me with my crank grabs

Try this:

Find a ledge with grass/dirt/snow/anything but cement on the other side (preferably level with the ledge), that is crank-grab-able (taller than half your wheel). jump up to your crank, and get familiar with balancing like that. Next, you go suicide. Just try to jump up as hard as you can and clear the ledge, and keep your feet on the pedals. Don’t even try to land it. Aim for landing on your side on the grass, but don’t completely bail on your uni. You made it over the ledge? i bet pretty far over, too. Gradually start to land a bit on your wheel and tip over, then when your comfy, jump over and stay upright. Congrats! you can crank-grab!

By doing this you get rid of the “I’m not gunna make it” fear. (you know when your scared that the whole wheel won’t get over?)

do it on a platform, so if you fall you aren’t even coming close to falling off something, like a table… just lean your uni in (toward the side you are pedalgrabbing) and just jump up as hard as you can


thanks guys I will try it after school tomorrow

Your pedal should be about half as far from the object as the object is high. If you’re crank grabbing on a 1 foot high ledge, then your crank grabbing pedal should be about 6 inches away.
You don’t want to be too close, or too far. If you’re too close, then you jump upward, but you can’t go over until you get high enough. If you’re too far, then you’ll be going too fast horizontally, hit the ledge, and tip over.

What you want to try to do is jump from the right distance, and make a clean, diagonal hop. But you’re gonna land it a bit differently than a normal side hop. When you land a sidehop, you normally land leaning away from the direction you were hopping (at least I do) to help absorb all that momentum. In a crankgrab, when you first leave the ground, your body will be like this (you’re jumping towards the left): \ As you land, you want the unicycle to be completely upright, with the crank resting on the ledge. But your body should be leaning a little bit outside. The way I balance is by having most of my weight on the grabbing crank, but leaning towards the outside. You might find it easier to balance with different ways though, so experiment and find which one you like best.

Good luck.

Its not actualy that bad if the whole wheel doesn’t get over so long as your wearing 661s :wink:

Practicing getting up from the grab before you start actually grabbing it.