crank flips

i need help with them i can almost do a full revbut whenever i try to crank flip the uni just flies out from under me so any tips on how to keep the thing under me or just tips on learning crankflips wood be greatly appreciated.


Merry Christmas everyone! I’d just like to second this question, looking for some tips beyond “practice” and “search the forums” please.

good im not alone.:slight_smile: come on people we need help! (p.s. im not trieng to be annoying like the people hoo think this pace is a chet room im just bored. sorry)

well i just landed my first one yesterday (litldude2 (spencer) helped me on mine). It helps to have a very low seat so your not scared to nut yourself. Try to kick down more instead of out. Make sure to left your non-kicking foot up first and then flicking the cranks around with your kicking foot as you jump in the air.

I would suggest to watch videos of it in slow motion to get an idea of how to do it. Alot of it is practice though. I practiced for about an hour and half straight on it and i landed one.

jump fowerd and dont be afraid i just landed my first one erilier today

The way i do it is I ride slow then quickly speed up and put all my weight on the foot that is going to do the flipping. Then when you hop up suck your non flipping foot up high to get it out of the way to make sure none of the pressure is lost when you hop. Remember to put the toe of your flipping foot on the pedal with the rest of my foot hanging off. That way it is so much easier to flip it. So hop and suck up your foot and push down really hard with the flipping foot. With the flipping foot you should push down fast then really quickly pull that one back up so both of your feet are in the air. If you don’t suck back up your flipping foot you will end up with a one footed rev. It is a good idea to slightly lean on your flipping foot right before you take off to put more pressure on it so it can flip faster.The rest is just learning how hard to kick it and getting your timing down.
Good luck:D

one last thing, Its easier to do frontflips right? (as apposed to backflips of course)

Its a preference thing, some people do front ones naturally and some do back ones. All I know is once you learn to do front ones, its really hard to learn backflips.

I have to disagree with you spencer… if you ride backwards a backcrankflip isnt that hard

Ah, well I haven’t tried that.

I agree with you max but riding backwards makes it a slightly different trick. Revertbackflip, ha, backflips are as hard as you make them if you can all ready crankflip. Crankflips are the intial push then the air, backflips are more of a push and drag your foot for a half rev on the pedal to get the cranks to flip all the way around, hench the look that the foot always stays on the pedal. But yeah. Keep with all teh flip practice, and don’t stop at just a crankflip. There are many different kinds. Learn as many as possible.
-Shaun Johanneson