crank flipping

i tried this yesterday and it’s suprisingly easy
the secret being to kick forward slightly as you jump.

and it actualy looks quite nice too. i think i’ll just practice it as a trick in itself rather than just a trials move

for the confused, a crank flip is a trials move for getting from your weak hopping position to your strong position, you just jump up and rotate your pedals 180degrees in the air.

my strong position is right foot forward

i’ve been atempting a particular line of benches and walls, and i keep finding my self in my weak hopping position when i’m on a small object and can’t just roll to the strong position so i hope that once i get used to it i’ll be able to do it without blinking in the middle of a line.

i’ve been meaning to get someone to video me doing this line but i’m too lazy to sort out a cameraman.

Re: crank flipping

Ooo go on, you know you want to… inquiring minds want to see… :slight_smile:

I went for my first trials ride on campus for a long time today. The last time was in February or something, ages ago. I was quite surprised, I could get up and down stuff I couldn’t before.

I relied on the good old “plonk the camera somewhere and set it going” approach…


Re: crank flipping

What about foot plant crank flips? Where you ride along the side of a ledge,
jump up, foot plant, kick the crank’s so they spin a revolution backwards, then
jump back on.


i already have quite a bit of footage of various stuff,most of its fairly old though and dosent realy do justice to my current riding ability or video editing skills

but alas i don’t have acces to a broadband internet connection,

we’re getting broadband at the office soon, so i’ll be able to upload some stuff soon, not to mention look at some other peoples videos.

perhaps i’ll get some footage this week and leave the computer at the office to upload it overnight

Re: Re: crank flipping

Are you starting and landing on the lower level, with the only time you touch the upper level (the ledge) is to put your foot on it?

Re: crank flipping

>Are you starting and landing on the lower level, with the only time you
>touch the upper level (the ledge) is to put your foot on it?

yes, I believe there’s a video somewhere of Nick Caffroy doing one.


Is it still a foot plant crank flip if the rotation is forwards instead of backwards?

If you’d like to see an example of what you call a crank flip, John Foss performs this move in the opening segments of the video “Intro to Unicycling” as he’s hopping across a rocky river bank.


And Kris does one in one of the Unicon Workshop videos at