Crank Flip / Double Flip Help

I have been doing crank flips for a while on my DX and wanted to learn double flips. The problem is my flips have slowed down. When i first learned them I was spinning the really fast but now they have slowed down and i cant seem to get the speed back up. Has this happened to anyone else? What should i doo, any tips? Thanks.

Same thing happened to me, when I was first learning crankflips I was almost always overspinning them to just under a double flip. However, now that I’m consistent with crankflips my double flips just seem to get slower and slower the harder I try to flip them.

Maybe its the avatars.:smiley:

just wanted to point out how similar they are hahha. No help from me I cant double either.

Hows does one get the snap to get the cranks even flipping?


Its a combo or jumping, applying pressure(or kicking) with the front foot, and moving the feet out of they way.
Its takes repetition. It takes repetition. After, what can be a looooong time for most people, you will get the feel for it. Its one of those things that makes little sence at first then all of a sudden its one simple motion.

Thanks man, I’m going to try it now.

Ok, just practiced for 30 minutes just flipping. It’s coming along! Thanks again!

wow your 1000 post

I couldn’t give a shit.:slight_smile:

I can flip the cranks fairly good now.
I’ve been trying footplant crankflips. Any tips besides practice?

Haha I got doubles today:D Just keep practicing and you will get the feel for it. Also doing it down a small drop helps heaps:) This is the way I have landed mine :sunglasses:

I have landed a double before but havnt realy tried since and feel it was mainly luck. The problem I have is not so much flipping it fast but getting my feet back on at the right time, I think I may go out and practice later.