Crank coming loose on spindle too fast...

Hi all, I’m using a Profile hub and 145mm crankset, and basically what’s wrong is that the left crank seems to slide on and off really easily, literally I can slide it about with my fingers. I never thought it should be this easy, and it seems when I tighten the crankbolt for it, the left crank seems to develop a little bit of play after a while of hopping around.

I put copper grease on both the hub spindle; and, the threads of the crankbolt. Should I put blue loctite on the crankbolt thread or something? :thinking:

Here’s my theory: I think that since the left crank slides on and off soo easily on the hub spindle, it hasn’t got anything to hold it still except for the crankbolt, so all the vibration from hopping may have shaken the crankbolt a little looser, making the crank develop a little bit of play/wobblyness. I am pretty sure that a profile crank is meant to be pretty tight fitting onto the spindle 'cos that’s meant to help keep it in place isn’t it?

Would appreciate any help from you guys :wink:

mine is doing the same thing… accept i have the torker splined cranks and hub.

like when i idle i can feel some play…

sory to thread jack but i felt this was the right thread to put it in.


my profiles slide off by hand…


If you haven’t already, buy some anti-sieze from an auto store ($2 for 3 year supply). Take both your cranks off and all the spacers. WD-40 the splines and insides of the cranks and then wipe everything down to bare metal with a clean rag or paper towels. Then liberally coat the axle splines with anti sieze and wipe away excess (but be sure all splines are covered). Slip the spacers and cranks back on. Put anti sieze on the crankbolts and torque them down hard. They should be silent and smooth for a while.

I got this method from John Childs. It works really really well. Everytime your uni starts to squeak, break it all down and redo it. Its fun too.