Crank Choices

I am in the need of new cranks and need y’alls help to find the best cranks.
I am 160lbs. and am thinking of Moments, Onza trials, or qu-aks cromos.
What do you think would be the best?


What hub have you got in at the moment? If you;re gonig to have to swap the hub that that makes a big difference to which crankset is the most viable.

I have a moment hub and You don’t know how tall I am. I could be 7 feet tall and anorexic.


You need to think about, length, weight and cost. I think all of them have the same Q factor. If you prefer 140mm cranks either: get the moments if you want unbreakable cranks and don’t want to spend too much. Or get the tensiles if you don’t mind spending a bit more and want to save 200-300g. A few riders have bent tensiles but I think they’re pretty strong.