Crank choice

hey i need help choosing a crank other that the kris holm. what are some good choices

Koxx renenforsed cranks are great I like them.

For what kind of uni? What kind of riding are you going to do with it? Do you have a limited budget? Why not KH’s?

^ yea why not kh.

kh will never break. and there’s a wide variety of sizes to choose from

Here are some new flatland cranks, i have been using them for street and i love them for grinds and flips.

Jacob will the mad4one cranks fit new koxx hubs?

If the hub is ISIS it will fit. The older K1 hubs were made differently so the fit is really loose. The K1 products that i have ever used were very inconsistent with how they were made. I have a K1 light hub that i use on my 20inch with 125 moments and one crank fits tight and the side i grind with is loose. Overall i have never had trouble with it.

The best fit with hub and cranks are the KH and M41 hubs. They are the tightest fit.

dont like those cranks at all. If your gonna go for a koxx crank then at least go for the light ones. But what is the problem with kh cranks i think they are the strongest cranks on the market today and relatively cheap for cranks. if your doing trials then i recommend either m4o cranks or impact Eiffel tower cranks (those other than kh) hope that helps.

i was tring to see if there were any other cranks out there that would last awahile but i will probably go with the kh cranks. I was going to go with a nimbus trials unicycle from and i was going to put kh cranks and later on upgrade to the kh hub aswell. would that be a good uni for trials and street because i was only looking to spend around 400

thanks for the help! how much would those be?(the 130’s)

no problem :slight_smile:

The price on CDK right now are 190 euros. They are quiet expensive but are very nice and are made in italy. If you are looking to spend only 400 on a uni then the KH would be a much better choice

how are the nimbus venture isis cranks. They seem like a good deal

ventures lasted about 2 weeks for me

They are a good crank if you arent going to be doing anything big or extreme but over time you will strip the pedal threads.

The KH moments are the best cranks for a cheaper price. I still use my moments from 2007 and they are doing great!

Allright thanks soo much for your help! By the way im the one who added you on facebook my name is matthew manson lol ur a really good rider. i probably will go with the moments.

haha thanks man :slight_smile:

Moments will be the best investment!

If you can afford the Mad4One cranks they are absolutely awesome to ride with <3

ok thanks again!