Crank changes

Pretty dumb question, but anyways my bike shop is closed atm, And wondering do bike shops do unicycle crank changes, Im just wanting my standard cotterless cranks changed to nimbus venture cotterless as i have them just no puller/extractor.

sure, its exactly the same as a bike cotterless crank change. A crank extractor and either long 8mm or ?14?mm socket comes in very cheap when matched against how often unicyclists change their cranks.

If your bike shop doesn’t know how to do it, find another favourite bike shop…

Cool thanks!

Yep i know they will charge more then buying an extractor but will eventually get one anyways to do it for future.

Buy the right tool for about the cost of a pizza and learn to do the job yourself. It’s all part of the pleasure of owning and maintaining your unicycle.

I had a universal one that my dad used on his old bikes, didnt come with instructions and couldnt find a clear tutriol for cottlerless changes and must have over tighten the extractor on the hub and couldn’t remove it, buggered the tool and a cheap trainer unicycle i did the test on.

So i will ask a bike shop how to actually do it.

I can do every other maintenance with the Unis and bikes, like changing parts, fitting brakes etc… Just some how I stuffed up crank removing…

When i pull a crank i fit the crank extractor so it is only finger tight. This makes it a hell of a lot easier to remove…

The extractor still needs to be installed as far as possible onto the threads to avoid stripping (have done this, crank removal with boiling water and a mallet isn’t fun). Also a proper long 8mm key is needed to provide the force to remove the crank. The crank bolt needs to be reinstalled so it is insanely tight otherwise the crank will come loose.

Its too hard to understand in a forum i needed a tutorial on an extractor which has square taper and isis, because the one i just got from confuses the crap out of me.

I ended up getting it done dirt cheap from a bike shop anyways…

Here’s a tutorial on how to use the internet, which might help you find a crank change tutorial

Thank u for your help