Crank change

wah hoo!
I’ve just changed my first set of cranks. I took off the 165 cranks and replaced them with 150. It took an hour and my son became very worried about his mother doing something so ‘technical’ and kept saying “Let dad do it, let dad do it”. How quickly they learn stereotype. His mother’s hardly a typical/sane/normal woman, after all she unicycles.

Anyway, my hands are sore after all that torque but the new cranks feel great.


Go Cathy!

Next challenge - make a set of Crazy Cranks (see nearby thread)…



Anyone know whether there is supposed to be a self extracting ring and washer on both cranks or only one? And if there is supposed to be 2, what happened to my other one? And does it matter that I’ve only got one?



It’s the law, Cathy. The only options are one washer missing or one left over. That’s why we men keep grubby tins of several thousand washers of different sizes in various states of rust and/or grease. One day the one we need will be in one of those tins.

(same goes for collections of pieces of wood)

Ahh, being a woman, I am ignorant of these things.


that’s awesome, I’ve never really ridden for any period of time on anything over 125s, so 165s sounds HUGE! :astonished: Dropping from 125s to 110s was a very nice change though, so I’d imagine you’re enjoying yourself! Soon you’ll be cruising around on 110s and catching bugs in your teeth :smiley:

and as an aside and slight threadjack - s7ev0, is there a larger version of that image around? I want it on a t-shirt so bad, I’m a huge mac fan :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to prolong the threadjack, Cathy, but flyer - Loosemoose is your man for the image. There was a thread a while ago about new uni t shirt designs and he added that image. He is still thinking of putting it on some t shirts himself, I believe. I hope so - it’s a great design.