Crank brands for short steel cranks?

I was looking for recommendations for short steel cranks for my
29er. I need 125’s and either 102’s or 110’s.

I need the shortest ones for road use and the 125’s might see some fire roads and road as well. I have already have steel 140s on it and BE 150s in the drawer. I even have some alluminum Shimano STX 170’s lying around in a box to use but not for swapping out.

I would like to be able to bunny hop if needed and not have them bend.

I was looking at the Bicycle Euros for the 125’s, but wasn’t sure if I really needed them in the shorter 110 length because the other brands are cheaper. I like a little Q-factor.


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>I was looking for recommendations for short steel cranks for my
>29er. I need 125’s and either 102’s or 110’s.

If you want to bunny hop on a road unicycle, be aware that a skinny
tyre increases the stresses on the cranks. I have bent a 150 mm
Bicycle Euro crank on a 28" road unicycle with a high-pressure 35 mm
tyre, and those were quite small hops (and I am about 72 kg). Bicycle
Euros are not expensive (in my opinion) and recommended for strength,
but I don’t think they come in 102 mm do they?

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When I ride my 28, I find 110mm cranks are the best fun. 125s are quite slow, missing the point of having a large wheel. 102s would be OK for riding fast on tarmac, but stopping, idling and fine control suffer. So it’s 110s for me on a 28 or similar sized uni.

On 110s, I once rode 20 odd miles of mixed cross country, with a few steepish hills. The only limiting factor was the skinny road tyre.

So, what about quality? For normal riding, including MUni, but not big drops, I doubt that the quality matters enormously, especially with short cranks. However, the nicest short cranks I’ve seen are the cut down Doteks from They are cut to length from aluminium alloy bicycle cranks, and they look substantial and solid. That said, I never noticed any difference in performance, compared to the budget 110s from the same source.

So, for general fastish riding on varied surfaces on a 28/29, I’d say use 110s. 125s if there are lots of hills.
Doteks from if you want style.
Any others will do if you want to keep the price down.
Upgrade to the strongest you can get if you ride like a lemming.