Crank bolt torque setting /tension

Whats the general crank bolt torque setting? I read some where 40ft/pounds which i have been using but when you grease everything up and use 40 it feels like to bolt or the thread will strip. (The hub is the extra wide coker.)

So is 40 ft/pounds ok??

Yep, got 40ftlbs on my wide coker hub. A bolt of that size could take atleast 100ftlbs before stripping, there’s a good length of thread on those bolts.

I go to 35 foot-pounds

There’s a technical article at Livewire Unicycles on square taper crank installation

That works well, though that’s working with the old-school outie threads as on the Suzue hub. The new UDC hub with the innie threads should be able to handle more torque. But 35 foot-pounds should be plenty to keep it all tight, especially if you use medium strength Loctite on the threads and put a little grease on the tapers.