Crank bolt fell out! Advice needed.

Hi everyone, I unicycled through the streets of Seattle during a rally, and when I got home I felt a little jiggle in my left crank, and realized the crank bolt had worked its way loose and fallen out completely.

It’s a nondescript SBS (Seattle Bike Supplies) unicycle, 24 inch wheel, muni style that I bought from a thrift store, so I don’t even know the make/model to order a new one. Any advice on how to get a new bolt?

Also is the jiggle a really bad thing? It’s barely perceptible (hence me not noticing until later), but I’m assuming I should ride it until I replace the bolt. True?


You should be able to get a bolt at a bike store.
You should not ride the uni with the crank loose; you’ll damage the crank.

Take the other one out.
Take it to a bike shop and say “I’d like one of these please.”

D’oh! We could have made this thread run and run without your Captain Sensible solution!

Captain Sensible indeed

Yes, that’s smart. You have all proven your worth, and will be commended in my book of commendations.


Is there a monetary reward?
A ticker-tape parade with scantily dressed ladies?



Worry not, Sir Fule!

If aschwa5 has problems putting a round peg in a round hole, there’ll be a much bigger to-do when he has to put his shoes on, or open the front door.

I am doubtless that this thread (or its bastard cousin) will see more traffic when the advice is needed.


It was just an ordinary bolt. They gave it to me for free.