Crank Arm Transfer

I purchased some shorter KH Moments for my KH20 but when I go to take off the current ones, there is just no give. I cannot get this thing to budge for anything. I’m wondering if there is some sort of trick I’m unaware of? I undid the main bolt and tried to yank off, unsuccessfully.

Please guide me!


You want to use a crank puller. ISIS specific crank pullers have a foot that stops the pushing bolt from going into the hub and damaging the threads. You can also use a washer or something to do the same thing with a standard square taper crank puller.

Since I’m just a normal human being and don’t own a pair of crank pullers, would the local bike shop have something like this? Do ya think? Maybe? Hopefully.


If you plan on pursuing this sport for any length of time, there are a minimum number of tools you’re going to want to have around:

  1. Crank Puller
  2. Adjustable Wrench
  3. Set of Hex Wrenches
  4. Tire levers
  5. Rubber Mallet (not 100% necessary but I like it to set the cranks on the hub)
  6. Floor pump
  7. Socket Wrench set
    … etc…