Crank Arm Removal

How does one go about removing a cranl arm? I can’t quite figure it out and I can’t find anything online. Please help. If there’s a special tool, where do I get one? :thinking:

Re: Crank Arm Removal

FAQ by Sofa


Removing profile cranks (since cotterless has been covered)

Your local bike store should have crank pullers which work on cotterless cranks. Cottered cranks can usually be forced off once you remove the cotterpin (keeping them on tight is more of a problem than removing them). The FAQ linked to above deals nicely with the cotterless cranks, but it does not work for splined cranks like Profiles. I found out about how to get Profile splined cranks off through this forum, after purchasing them. People on RSU suggested I put anti-seize on the splines, and so I went to pull off my cranks to access the splines. The right crank came off easily, but when I tried the left one it would not budge. Apparently the best thing to use to get a stubborn Profile crank off is an Evercraft Bearing Puller. You put the arms on a certain way, maybe skinny ends of the arms on the bulging lip of the crank, and then wind it as you would with a bearing, pulling the crank. This is something I am yet to do, and I look forwards to my next order which will hopefully contain a bearing puller so I can get my left crank off. I looked in some local engineering stores and they only have three armed bearing pullers, and as far as I know the best ones for Profiles are the two armed ones like the Evercraft.