Crane Test

Just a short video filmed over a couple days. I hope you like it, and comment! :slight_smile:

Wow very nice riding. Your 3 spin to the back roll was spleen!
That crane is realllllly smooooooooth :sunglasses:

Great looking footage! Super smooth camera movement. Really nice riding too, it looks like you’re pretty consistent with a lot of big tricks!

Really, really nice shots! I love the the combo’s too, nice to see you doing big tricks and creativity in the same combo!
See you at EUC! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. :slight_smile: Yeah Casper, I’ll see you in a couple days! EUC is gonna be sick.

Thanks. If you mean 1:03 though it was a 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

We can’t even say “pretty good, for a girl…” anymore, because your riding is straight up dope. Looks smooth, consistent, and you improve really really fast.

Going to kill it at EUC, no doubt.

love the filming and very nice tricks!!!
probably the first girl who does 720?
impressive vid :smiley:

Haha thanks

Yep :smiley: thanks

:astonished: well then… It just makes it all the more insane.

Loved it!!!

You never cease to amaze me!

(be sure to tell Ellen that her filming rocks!)