craigslist inquiry

i was searching ebay, amazon, and craigslist for unicycle crap when i found this:

just letting you guys down in and near berkely know about it.

I love craigslist! Its a cool place to find free stuff to make trials obstacles out of :wink:

…found my car there too

Me and me dad sell cars on there all the time.

That’s where I found my car too. It’s amazing how fast those things sell. I would call about a car the afternoon after it was posted only to find that it had sold.

Back on topic… I don’t live in Berkley. :roll_eyes:

yeah, we sold a car on there and a guy called the afternoon after posting and it was sold, i wonder if it was you daino! what kind of car was it? lol

and erik, what kinda trials obstacle stuff do you get??? i need some stufff… lol