Craigslist Find: Qu Ax Trials, $120

Check it out!

I don’t know this person or whether he/she is willing to ship, even, but it’s a screaming deal. If you’re in the market for a trials uni, give it a shot.

i call it

I had already spotted this uni on craigslist (I check it almost daily for unis and pianos) and picked it up earlier today; it was in Thu[ousand Oaks which was on my way to Santa Barbara. Nice uni. Great deal.

Aw come on Terry. :angry:

I exchanged a few emails with the guy so my friend (who rides an old piece of junk) could get into trials riding.

Kind of irresponsible of the seller though…I agreed to pay and he agreed to ship and then he gives it away?

Didn’t you JUST sell your KH trials because you didn’t use it?

I hope that Qu-ax doesn’t go to waste. Now my friend has nothing to ride :frowning:

Heck I’m sorry. I feel bad about that. Like I said I had seen this on Craigslist cuz I’m always checking to see the listings.

Yeah, I kinda had sellers remorse about my KH because now that I’ve been trying to learn crankflips, grinds, unispins and stuff, I find that I can’t do that on my big old 17 lb muni, and the right uni to do that stuf is unquestionably, a trials uni.

I had also planned to start offering a kind of “Uni-clinic” to help teach newbies how to ride and I wanted to have some loaners. There are literally NO riders in my area, so I was hoping doing this clinic and adverising, maybe some new riders would materialize!

Ok, so here’s the thing since I didn’t know about your friend and the seller didn’t mention anything about promising it to some else. I guess if your friend really wants it I would sell it to him, and to be fair I would still sell it for the same price I paid, which was the advertised $120. He would obviously have to the shipping though. I would just like to keep it for a little while; Like maybe a couple weeks just to at least practice a little on it. I’ll be careful and won’t abuse it haha. There is existing scratches on the cranks from where the seller had been doing stalls, but overall it’s very nice. I already cleaned it up and put the new creepy on it.

One thing I should tell you though is that even with the seat clamp completely loose, the seatpost seems totally FUSED and won’t budge, even with the uni upside down holding the saddle between my feet and trying to turn it by twisting the wheel. No luck. I haven’t tried liquid wrench yet, but it just seems like it’s welded in, althogh it’s not!

Ok let me know. I would be fine with parting with it if your friend was promised it first. Let me know. My main thing here is to be fair and do the right thing. What goes around comes around :slight_smile:

That’s very kind of you man :slight_smile:

I over-reacted a little bit at first, sorry. Obviously you didn’t know about it.

I’m actually in the same boat as you. I’m starting a Unicycle club at my college. Last year, it was just me. Then I taught my roommate. This year, by luck of fate, a third unicyclist (freshman) has joined us (he is the one in need of a unicycle that’ll withstand a curb drop). We are going to try and fundraise enough to get a couple of learner unis and welcome people to join the club and learn.

The club hasn’t started yet and we’ve already had a couple of kids agree to join and one ordered the new ISIS Nimbus.

Now, it’s your uni. You’re free to do what you want with it and I don’t want to ask you for it. My friend I guess doesn’t have the money to spend the $200+ on a strong unicycle, so when I saw this I jumped on it for him. I’m sure he’d be thrilled to hear it’s for sale again.

Thanks for understanding.


Wow thats cool about your club. I wish I could find just 1 person who rides a unicycle locally. I had/have a riding buddy, and we still ride but only occasionally now that he’s in college which takes up most of his time. Ok so if your friend still wants it, have him PM me so we can exchange info and comfirm everything.

Darn…I really wanted to buy that…

what he said

Early bird catches the worm. And that warm happened to be Terry.


Haha but I already said I’d go ahead and sell it to the guy it was apparently promised to before me…at the same price I paid. It’s just that he might not want it now because of the seat problem.

Thats really great of you Terry to give that offer. I can support chexjc’s claim, he did indeed have a confirmed purchase with the guy, he told me just after he found out.

Yeah that is really awesome Terry. It really does how you are a really good person. You could have easily been like screw you I bought it go get something else. It is nice to know we have people like this in our small community. Unicyclist generally do seem to be a bit smarter, more accepting, and nicer than say the general population. Maybe it is a phenomena like many unicyclist being engineers.

Hey thanks you guys. :slight_smile: I just think it’s the right thing to do, and heck, I only really use my Muni and 36er the most. I just thought it would be nice to have it plus a few cheapies I have, to use as loaners for when I start my “uni-clinics”. That may not happen for a while depending on liabilty issues and my own work schedule.

Seat post issue resolved. FIXED!

if that guy doesnt but it I will.

i would keep it the other guy decided not to buy it. It was only an offer to him since he said he had been promised it by the seller first.:slight_smile: I was never told about that so I never knew that. I just thought it would be the right thing to do.